See What Your Greed For Power Has Done…

I must admit to a certain schadenfreude watching the unfolding drama as the hand of hubris slapped Theresa May down. I was grinning nearly as widely as George Osborne, but as the night wore on my joy was tempered by the reality of the situation that we are now in.

Not Another One

I think a lot of people – even those of us involved in politics – were with Brenda from Bristol on 18th April when Theresa May announced a snap General Election. I was campaigning around West Garioch that day and for the remainder of that campaign, I found little enthusiasm for the prospect of this election.

Aberdeenshire Council DIGG Reforms

Excellent news that Green Councillors Martin Ford and Paul Johnston have reformed the Democratic Independent and Green Group on Aberdeenshire Council. The DIGG has worked well for several years, seeking common ground with other progressive groups and individuals on the Council to good effect. They’ve had some notable achievements, making a real difference for Aberdeenshire […]

Thank You

As you’ll know, I wasn’t successful in my attempt to be elected to represent the people and communities of West Garioch. I’m immensely proud of my campaign, which focused on the local issues that those elected today will now be taking decisions on.

All Over Bar The Counting

That’s it. The polls are closed and the votes are in. Whatever happens tomorrow, I know that I have done everything I possibly could with the time and resources available to me. That is thanks to the many people who have helped and supported me over recent months; you know who you are and you […]

Eve Of Poll

The polls open at 7.00 in the morning folks. I have spoken to very few people during this campaign who have told me they’re not intending to vote but history tells us that something like 65% of people won’t. In this election, possibly more than any other, your vote will count, will make a difference […]

Aberdeenshire Manifesto: Education & Life-Long Learning

Finally, before voting tomorrow, here’s what we have to say about Education and Life-Long Learning in our Aberdeenshire Manifesto. Nothing Aberdeenshire Council does is more important than educating our young people. That view will always inform our choice of priorities when the Council faces difficult budget decisions.

Timetable Changes Imminent

These changes to the X20 bus service between Kemnay and Aberdeen have come about to accommodate a reduction in the 37 service. I accept that compromise must be made but Kemnay and Alford users appear to be bearing the brunt of that compromise.