Aberdeenshire Manifesto: A Circular Economy & Reducing Waste

As we approach next week’s election, I’ll be posting some key aspects of our Aberdeenshire manifesto.
Firstly, our desire for a circular economy and the reduction of waste.
The Council’s journey from ‘waste disposal’ to ‘resource management’ must continue. The Council should commit itself fully to the circular economy approach to reducing waste.

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional lineareconomy (make, use, dispose) in which resources are kept in use for as long aspossible, maximum value is extracted from them and then materials are recoveredat the end of each service life. Green councillors will press Aberdeenshire Council to give priority to:

– Reducing then eliminating burying or burning of materials.
– Re-use, repair, re-purpose, recycle or re-process materials.
– Recovering energy from organic waste by anaerobic digestion or composting.
– Supporting local job creation through re-processing.

The Council’s kerb-side collection of re-usable materials should be part of a holisticmaterials management system. The Council needs others such as social enterprisesto be partners in the local materials cycle, taking specific types of item/material forre-use or re-processing. The whole approach should be viewed as ‘spend-to-save’and will require the full involvement of economic development staff.

You can view our full Aberdeenshire manifesto here.