Aberdeenshire Manifesto: An Innovative Approach To Affordable Housing

More from our local manifesto – our innovative approach to affordable housing.

We recognise that the availability of affordable housing is a major constraint in the north-east. We therefore want the Council to develop a project we will call ‘A House for Aberdeenshire’.

This will be an investment in design to produce an open source of architectural, engineering and planning information for construction of a house that is capable of adaptation to suit a range of communities in north-east Scotland.

We would look for sectional or modular factory construction to passive house standards, but with the flexibility to vary external materials and shapes so the finished dwelling can sit harmoniously alongside traditional north-east architecture or have a modern urban style. The open source data will enable individuals, community trusts, housing associations and commercial builders to use the House for Aberdeenshire model to deliver affordable, well designed and energy efficient

You can view our full Aberdeenshire manifesto here.