Aberdeenshire Manifesto: Communities & Well-Being

With two days to go, here’s some more from our Aberdeenshire manifesto; communities and well-being.

As a provider of a wide range of public services, Aberdeenshire Council has a key role in promoting good health and helping people lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Greens want to see the Council working in partnership with others to build successful and sustainable communities across Aberdeenshire. We want the Council to provide the best possible social work and other services to meet the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals.

Green councillors will work with community councils and local groups in the best interests of their area. On Aberdeenshire Council, Greens will:

– Support fair funding for the Integration Joint Board from within
the overall budget available to the Council.
– Encourage the Council to promote the production of local
food, for example by making land available for allotments, by
supporting farmers’ markets.
– Recognise the importance of sports facilities, parks and play
– Support work to combat drug and alcohol abuse.
– Promote the values of an inclusive and tolerant society.

You can view our full Aberdeenshire manifesto here.