Another Year, Another Vote

Happy New Year. After 2016, I’m reluctant to make any predictions about 2017. I can, however, confirm that I will once again be the Scottish Green Party candidate for Aberdeenshire Council’s West Garioch ward in the local elections in May.

Having stood in the ward in 2012, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I am looking to improve on that result and get elected to represent my community, the people of West Garioch. I firmly believe that I, along with as many colleagues as possible, can have a real influence at council level and improve local governance for the better. Over the last five years the Democratic Independent and Green Group have been an important voice and positive influence on Aberdeenshire Council and I very much hope to be part of that after May 4th.

One thought on “Another Year, Another Vote

  1. Paul openshaw

    Hope you make it…….you can take on the Donald on behalf of the rest of the world.

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