Hillsborough – The Truth At Last

Last week, the truth – the actual truth – of the Hillsborough tragedy was finally established after 27 years. With it came some kind of justice for the 96 football supporters who lost their lives that day. Sadly this became much more than the tragedy of people not coming home from a football match.

Women’s World Cup

This weekend sees the start of the Women’s Football World Cup. A tournament that will be overlooked by many and sneered at by others, but those who dismiss women’s football are missing out on a key component of the beautiful game. 

Status New Look

I’ve finally got around to revamping this website. Most of the content will be political along with my opinions on current affairs but other stuff may appear from time to time; I suspect my son Angus may inspire a post or two and I also intend to invite guests to contribute too. I absolutely promise (again!) that I will post more regularly than in the past.