Proposed Bus Timetable Changes

I have asked Aberdeenshire Council to return their tendered 420 Kemnay-Aberdeen service to a direct route. Under Stagecoach’s current proposals, the X20 will travel via Kintore and Blackburn from May. For anyone travelling to Aberdeen 5 days a week, this will add well over an hour to their weekly commute. By taking the Blackburn stop away from the 420, Kemnay would at least retain a few direct services a day.

I understand the need to compromise but at the moment it looks as if all the compromising here – which I appreciate is being imposed by Stagecoach not the council – will come from Kemnay (and Alford) passengers on the X20.
It is within the councils power to reduce that impact a little. It would only be slight but it would be something and I very much hope that they follow my suggestion.

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