It’s A Local Election – Keep It That Way

After three referendums in recent years that were run erroneously along the lines of an election, this year we are going to have two elections that some would have us treat as referendums. I will continue to fight next month’s election on local issues. However much some tell you otherwise, the simple truth is that […]

Keep It Local

Despite what you may have heard or seen from some parties or candidates, the election on May 4th is about representation on local councils. Any councillor elected will have exactly the same influence over Brexit or Scottish independence as any unsuccessful candidate and anybody else in the country. They will, however, be making decisions on […]

Another Year, Another Vote

Happy New Year. After 2016, I’m reluctant to make any predictions about 2017. I can, however, confirm that I will once again be the Scottish Green Party candidate for Aberdeenshire Council’s West Garioch ward in the local elections in May.